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’žA Simple Currency Trading Strategy - The Basics of Japanese Candlestick Charting


<a href=""></a>

During the seventeenth century, there was a Japanese gentleman who became famous with regards to rice trading. It is believed that he won over one hundred trades. His secret was using candlestick charting.

You may have a common query which most individuals have in mind: What are candlesticks?

Candlesticks can be visualized as your typical bar chart outlined in two dimensions. Most are aware that the usual bar chart has its components, just like using the candlestick chart.

The major components in candlestick charting are:

1. Real Body  this term refers to the main body of the candlestick wherein it corresponds to the opening and closing of prices. Real body is again subdivided into two categories:

Black body, this is sometimes called  filled-in body. Black body signifies that the  close in a certain period of time is lower than the  open.

White body, which is sometimes referred to as  open denotes that the  close is on top of  open.

2. Shadow  it is a narrow vertical line which characterizes the increase and decrease of price in a given period of time. Shadows are as well subdivided into two categories: (1) lower shadow; and (2) upper shadow.

Now that you have a basic background with regards to the components of candlestick charting, the next step is to have an idea of candlestick charting patterns. There are 6 common patterns to look into:

1. Hammer pattern  this is a candlestick with a small  real body and a lengthy low shadow. This pattern can usually be viewed whenever there is a downtrend in the market.

2. Engulfing pattern  with this type of pattern, the market trend can be very well defined due to the candlestick s white real body which surrounds the preceding day s real body.

3. Dark-cloud cover pattern  this can be viewed where the pattern during the first market day is composed of resilient white real body in a top reverse form.

4. Hanging man pattern  the features of a hanging man pattern resembles that of the hammer pattern, the only difference is that the framework is on an uptrend form.

5. Bearish pattern  instead of a white real body, a black real body surrounds the preceding day s real body.

6. Piercing pattern  this type of pattern is the exact reverse of dark-cloud pattern where instead of an uptrend, a downtrend occurs.

Each pattern is distinct from one another. Your advantage though is you can experiment mixing two or more patterns. You can also modify the patterns from its original to come up with a strategy which suits your preference.

The above-mentioned information is merely a prologue to Japanese candlestick charting. There are still so many information to decipher, there are still several patterns to detail out, and there are still so much things to learn. What you can do is have an in-depth study of this type of currency trading strategy by reading books about Japanese candlestick charting. Additionally, you can also enroll in an institution where the said trading strategy is being taught.

With proper education and accurate application of learned theories about Japanese candlestick, several traders will be able to succeed with their goals of gaining profit and strategically learning the market. Who knows you would be able to win over one hundred trades just like what the Japanese man did.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of <a href="">online trading</a>. Her website <a href="">Trading Exposed</a> provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about <a href="">commodities trading</a>. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.<br />

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