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Day Trading Blog Will Make or Break Your Business


Blogging is a mode of communication online which has grown rapidly. It has the primary intention of giving the readers with materials on everything that they need including the author’s comments, soap opera characters, rock stars, articles on hard hitting columns and news and others.

The trend of blogging gave birth to a multitude of tools and programs helping personal bloggers and business users. One of the toughest jobs being faced by internal security divisions and human resources department of a company is building and developing an acceptable use of blogging policy.

The AUP or Acceptable Usage Policy of an organization can be affected by blogging. You must really know what comprises a blog in order to address blogging in an AUP accurately. In day trading, blogs has become one of the major sources of information.

Blog, which is a shortened version of weblog, is like a message board where in a person can post their opinions and thoughts that is accessible for other people to read. The public can view or access a blog using a password depending on the set up of the owner. It provides in-depth information regarding different topics including day trading and also becomes the writer’s place of expressing their feelings. The ultimate goal of a blog is to encourage and bring interaction among users.

Blogging is an interesting and harmless way of communicating with other people who shares the same interests as you do, however its unmanaged activity could open the possibility of abuse.

The AUP of an organization needs important technology when addressing instant messaging, email, peer-to-peer, and other communication processes that are web-based and should consider blogging. But it is the decision of the organization whether to allow their employees to read or post blogs as an overall policy of their communication.

Same with a day trader posting their blogs together with their identities that influences decisions of some people upon responding on posted information of a particular blog site. Take for instance a day trader responding to a day trading blog with an advice of avoiding a certain company which can lead to legal matters. The company’s intellectual property could be threatened causing financial devastation.

A business should make sure that their employee does not use their computer for blogging without permission. They could be held liable if ever their employee posted their responses using the company’s computer which strongly disagrees on a certain day trading blog creating a war flame.

It should be cleared that AUP has financial and legal reasons associated with blogging. Software screening on how and where employees browse the web should be incorporated. It will serve as a filter so that employees are prevented to view day trading blogs as well as political blogs.

Blogs are a source of information and entertainment where in business and financial issues are continuously growing.

Today, blogs are considered as an excellent tool for marketing and inviting visitors to access an online trading site, because it will provide them with tips on credit building and financial advices.

Day trading businesses or even individual trader maintaining their blogs should be careful about the commentaries they generate. The new frontier in the corporate world is blogging, however awareness, security, and education should prevent negative experiences to happen when blogging, reading or responding to blogs.

Christine Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of online trading. Her website Trading Exposed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about commodities trading. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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