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Download FREE Options Calculators

from: www.TradingExposed.com

There are several tools you can use to determine how high your financial investments have grown or fallen and, thanks to the Internet, most of them are available for download, free of charge. If you're an options trader, a quick run through Google will have you browsing through hundreds of options calculators and software to help you arrive at more solid investment decisions.

Advanced Option Calculator

One of such tools is the Advanced Option Calculator, which a software that is to be used exclusively by option traders. The key features of the Advanced Option Calculator include the power to calculate implied volatitily, the ability to determine fair values for call and put options, a better understanding of Greek characters, as well as primary statistics governing the analysis of option positions, such as your maximum possible loss or maximum prossible profit.

Standouts in this calculating tool are provisions on the mathematical expectations of loss and the mathematical expectations of earnings.

Stock Options Secrets 3.5

This options calculator is best for those who want to track under and overpricing mistakes. While it does not provide datafeed support, it is considered a handy tool because it can find historical and implied volatility, determine pricing probabilities, as well as potentials for gains or losses, and allows you to calculate risk.

In addition, Stock Options Secrets can also simulate and test options strategies to see what works best for your particular trading situation and map out scenarios that will allow you to earn profits over the long haul. Like the Advanced Option Calculator, it can also find the Delta, Vega and Gamma of trades.

FC Options Calculator

The FC Options Calculator will give the chance to analyze option prices. This tool can calculate theoretical options market prices; values of Greek characters to determine option prices and view price graphs and charts. It also employs the option price calculation model espoused the Fisher Black and Myron Scholes, called the Black-Scholes. It is available for download free of charge, but it has a 60-day limit.

OptDvr Options Calculator

The good thing about this options calculator is that is able to assess both the European and American options styles using the Binomial and Black-Scholes models. This is a great software for those who are just starting out in options trading because it is novice-friendly. Downloading it does not cost a single cent, though it expires after 30 days.

There are many other options calculators that may be downloaded from the Net. While nearly all of them offer the same basic features, there are devices that cater to the advanced traders and there are those that are a perfect fit for beginners.

Know which level you are in first before you decide to download anything. Of course, as with any other Internet move, make sure that you're only downloading the software that you need and keep your Anti spyware application on alert.

Christine P. Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of online trading. Her website Trading Exposed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about Options Trading. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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